What sets Waypoint apart from other breeders?

weimaraner puppyWaypoint strives to give each puppy the very best start in life. Countless hours are spent each day to begin stimuli introduction to initiate proper socialization. During the critical developmental phases, the puppies are exposed to birds, very loud common noises, as well as fireworks, sirens and over 2,000 gunshots.pointing weimaraner

Waypoint’s proven training methods include ‘Superdog’ and ‘Goya’ behaviour modification. Waypoint puppies are healthy, raised indoors in a clean environment,  litter trained, used to stairs, crated car rides, people noises and smells. Our continued support and training of our owners are above and beyond.

The founders of Waypoint Weimaraners, Fred Staub and Sue Rueger, have a passion for breeding and training hunting dogs that perform well in the field. Fred and Sue ensure that each puppy has the best chance to succeed in life and will pick the one most suited for you. The puppies leave Waypoint as confident, well-adjusted canines at eight weeks of age.


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